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Find Your Calm.

We’re raised in a world where action, achievement, sweat and grit are all somehow rewarded…often at the expense of our mental, emotional and physical health. And over the last few years, we’ve been living in a world where we’re supposed to pretend we’re okay with all the change and uncertainty when we’re actually struggling to ‘get by’ every day. Let’s help you find calm.

Designed for all Stages

We meet you and your skill exactly where you are. Just starting out? Injured? An experienced yogi? Our instructors walk alongside you, to where you want to be. Our selection of classes allow you to practice just the right level of calm or empowerment.

Qualified Specialists

Our specialists have extended theoretical and practical experience from all across the globe. From vinyasa to yin yoga, we’re passionate about using the right combination to help you tune into your body, while ensuring you do not overdo it for your stage.

Complete Zen.

We offer a variety of restorative practices, including yoga, meditation and mobility all delivered in our custom-designed Zen Den. Floor-to-ceiling luxury drapes, calming pendant lights, lush greenery and restorative sounds. Come in, calmly float out.

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Our Classes.

Yoga Restore

A gentle yin style practice to restore the body and mind. We use mindfulness and restorative postures that are designed to relax the body and relieve stress.

Yoga Flow

A balanced practice designed to coordinate breath with movement. We explore flowing, mindful movement alongside music. Designed to open the body and focus the mind.

Yoga Power

A powerful practice filled with dynamic movement, flow and strength building. Power is designed to improve balance, fitness and build strength alongside flowing and fun movement.

Our Yoga Schedule.

After a long period of lockdown, we’re slowly ramping up our yoga schedule. You can book for a casual session through our online web booking portal OR get access to our Taylored Members App for easy account and booking management. Just contact us.

Our casual classes are $18 (with a 10 pack concession) or $20/class pay-as-you-go. If you’d like to attend multiple classes per week, check out our Small Group Training Zen Den Membership at $49/week and attend as many Yoga classes as you’d like.


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