Workplace Wellness.

Unlocking Performance.

The Health and Safety Workplace Act (HSWA) has changed the way we view health and safety in the workplace. It is not just about compliance; it’s about getting (and keeping) people healthy & safe. It’s also about helping them unlock their potential and increasing work satisfaction.

Our programs are underpinned by the Taylored Four Pillar Health Philosophy, and adapt to the age and stage of workplaces we choose to work with.

Personalised Care

We meet your team & their health exactly where they are. Depending on their situation & assessment results, our Taylored health team walk alongside each of them, to where they (& you) want to be.

Designed for Impact

We’re not interested in ‘average’ results. Our services are designed for busy people who are serious about their long-term health & want maximum impact for minimum, but regular effort. 

SMEAP Endorsed

We are endorsed by the Exercise Association of NZ as a Stress Management Exercise Association Endorsed Programme (SMEAEP). Services are FBT exempt & tax deductible.

Some of the Ways We Help.

Deskbound Strategies

How to get your desk-based team moving regularly, with improved posture, decreased aches and pains, and increased productivity.

Productivity Hacks

We’ve found ways to ‘hack the system’ to create improvements in cognitive performance, particularly helpful when there is a deadline or important presentation.

Stress Management

Using practices across all four pillars of health, we help to reduce stress and anxiety. In a recent survey, 41% of workers say stress caused a drop in productivity.

Immunity Boost

Ensuring your entire team have a healthy immune system to avoid prolonged sickness and give them information to support family immunity as well.

Maintained Energy Levels

Workers often experience the “3pm crash”. We are able to educate your team around improved nutrition choices and practices to avoid the slump. Also the assessment of gut health and good sleep hygiene.

Work / Life Harmony

We often hear about ‘balance’. But if you do more of what you love, know your boundaries, and come home with energy to spare, you’re creating harmony. This is part of our four pillar model.

Every workplace struggles with high stress levels, fatigue, sickness, reduced productivity and poor job satisfaction in some way or another. 
Investing in your team and encouraging positive health behaviours can make a significant difference to your workplace culture & productivity.

Why is Workplace Wellness So Important?

The number of workplaces offering wellness programs is increasing. This is not only to improve morale and culture (because people matter), but to help increase overall team productivity. Let’s look at the numbers.

Team Building. The Taylored Way.

New levels of health and performance.

Break the day up with either a health and wellness educational seminar or an active based session to get everyone moving. As for all our services we work closely with each business to tailor our services to our clients needs, ensuring the greatest return on investment.

Your Team's Performance. Unlocked.

‘Nudging’ the behaviours that matter.

The Taylored Philosophy is founded around our Four Pillars of Health, grounded in science. That means we also like to measure what matters, and work to nudge the numbers in the right direction. After truly addressing health fundamentals, we layer on advanced IoT wearables, clinical diagnostics and proven biohacking techniques to ensure our executives experience vastly improved mental clarity to easily tackle highly complex strategic and tactical tasks.

Meditation with Muse

Inspire Audiences.

Public speaking that challenges current health and performance paradigms.

We love speaking to large audiences about how we truly address health fundamentals and share our passionate exploration into advanced IoT wearables, clinical diagnostics and proven biohacking techniques. If you’ve got an upcoming event and are looking for a wellness expert, keynote speaker or panelist, get in touch.

What Workplaces Are Saying

Website words are cheap, but people are talking.

“Think More Clearly”

“I’ve found the team at Taylored to be incredibly capable & passionate about health and performance. My sleep has improved & I’m able to think more clearly throughout the day. The results have been so incredible for me that I’ve sponsored several of my senior managers onto the program”.

Andrew B.

“Improved my Ability to Lead”

"The Taylored Team have designed a program that has made a profound impact on my ability to lead. Through their diagnostic tools and expert advice, I’ve noticed improvements in my ability to think clearly and maintain a high level of energy throughout the day”

Rachel K.

“A Rewarding Journey”

“With Taylored, I’ve been steered in the right direction to improve my physical health, nervous system, ability to rest & recover, as well as increasing my understanding of mobility, biomechanics and functional movement. It’s been a challenging but rewarding journey."

Marcia W.

Explore New Levels of Workplace Performance.

To escape being a businses with average productivity or team, you need to stop working every day like an average leader. At Taylored, we’re more than your average health club and we’re certainly not a gym. We’re a science-backed, holistic health hub working to unlock extraordinary health & well-being. Are you ready to level up your workplace?

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