Taylored Mum & Bub.

Once a Mum. Always a Mum.

Whether you’re pregnant, caring for a new baby or have a toddler, our Mum & Bub programs are underpinned by the Taylored Four Pillar Health Philosophy, and adapted to every age and stage of your prenatal health & postnatal recovery journey.

Just for Mums

Creating a little Human is pretty special and your body undergoes remarkable change. Our programs and services are built to change with you; every age, every stage.

Designed for all Stages

All our pre & postnatal services are tailored to every stage of pregnancy and beyond. The only ‘gap’ we skip is the 6 weeks postpartum or until your doctor says it’s okay.

Qualified Specialists

Our specialists have extended graduate qualifications in minority health situations like pregnancy and postpartum. It’s important we keep Mum & Bub safe.

Safe Kids Area

With a secure kiddy area next to the group training zone, we provide you with support and guidance so that training with kids not only becomes possible, but enjoyable.

Our Prenatal & Postnatal Services.

Small Group Training

Whether you’re trying to conceive, carrying, or caring for a new baby, our small group training provides a semi-personalised form of movement delivered by qualified specialists to keep Mum and Bub safe, healthy, happy and ready for delivery or recovery. We also have a child-friendly play zone!

Therapeutic  Pregnancy Massage

Our 5-star industry-leading massage therapists are experts in manual therapy, stress relief and unloading any imbalanced tissues from pregnancy or after birth. Combined with personalised movement coaching creates a powerful healing tool for pregnancy recovery. 

Personalised Coaching

Other places just offer “personal training” which is just about movement. As a holistic health hub, our Four Pillar Model delivers personalised coaching for pregnant or recovering bodies, working to treat the “whole person” across mindset, nutrition, lifestyle and movement.


Bring a Friend For Free.

Even though we’re a supportive bunch, sometimes it feels a little uncomfortable trying new things with people you haven’t met yet. So, why don’t you invite a pregnant or postpartum friend to join you with our free class pass.

How We Help.

Improved Pelvic Floor & Deep Abdominal Strength

Minimises prenatal and postnatal complications, such as diastasis recti and light bladder leakage.

Improved Strength in Glutes, Hips, Hamstrings and Quads

As body weight increases throughout pregnancy, your body needs to carry the load…all the way into postpartum (when you have a little bundle of joy to carry and move around).

Improved Pregnancy and Postpartum Experience

A healthy Mum means a healthy baby…and a healthy baby means a healthy mum. Our Four Pillar Philosophy supports ‘whole health’ which is more than just body fitness. Working alongside other Mums at similar stages provides invaluable mental and emotional health support.

Correct Breathing Patterns & Muscle Activation

To assist with the birthing process; not only to help remain calm during contractions, but using the breath and pelvic tone to push baby through the canal. 

Improved Posture & Reduced Imbalances

As pregnancy progresses, the additional weight being carried can make postural imbalances worse. It can also create movement habits that persist in postpartum that continue to create discomfort.

Improved Education around Women's Health and Nutrition

Ensuring our Mums nourish their mind and body in a way that creates a positive pre and postnatal experience.

Improved or Maintained Cardiovascular Fitness

Carting a growing baby around (whether in the womb or in your arms) is a tough job…especially up stairs and for long periods. We work to improve endurance so these types of activities aren’t as challenging.

Rehabilitation after Surgery

After you’ve had medical clearance to resume movement practices, we work safely with the body to treat post-surgical events or complications. However, we do more than just movement. Mindset, lifestyle and nutrition practices to support recovery can start earlier.

Massage Therapy to Ease Aches & Pains

We can use manual practice (massage) to treat body tension, stiffness and restriction of movement of a pregnant or postpartum body to assist in prenatal progress or recovery.

Reduced Risk of Gestational Diabetes

With improved nutrition and fitness, you lower the risk of carrying excess weight outside of what is expected for a healthy pregnancy. This lessens the chances of developing gestational diabetes.

Mum & Bub Small Group Training

Prenatal Baby Bump

Exercising throughout your pregnancy improves postnatal recovery. We offer 3 sessions/week, which are suitable for week 1 all the way to week 40 (or when baby arrives)*.

Postnatal Baby Bootcamp

We offer 5 sessions/week, which are suitable from week 6* postpartum all the way to advanced fitness and full core function.
* With medical clearance

“Having a newborn is full-on and headspace is limited.”
Being able to ‘outsource’ the thinking around your well-being practices makes it easier to “show up” for your health and recovery.

What Mums Are Saying

Website words are cheap, but Mums are talking.

“Meet New Mums”

Since having my baby, Taylored has provided me a place to meet new Mums. The group sessions keep me motivated and accountable to improve my fitness levels.


“The Strongest I’ve Been”

I started while I was pregnant and just before I delivered, I was the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been. It certainly helped with postnatal recovery. The community of Mums are great and I love being able to ‘outsource’ the thinking around my exercise practice.


“Help with Back Pain”

The team at Taylored have helped me improve strength pre and post baby, including help with my back pain. Every class is different, which keeps things interesting and the specialists go above and beyond to help settle my baby.


Try Your First Mum & Bub Class for Free

One small step can take you somewhere amazing. 

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