Road tripping and learning the hard way!

Preparation is key!! Something I learnt the hard way. With all my Surf/MTB trips I was bound to slip up and be unprepared once or twice. Sure enough end of my 5th week I really suffered! I blame daylight savings…..

Finishing work at 2 we Left for the East Coast, chasing surf. I was already desperate for food but as we drove through a small town I could not find anything with substance that would hit the spot. Due to time limit of the sun I decided fruit would suffice for time being. Which it did just!

The drive home was where the real pain started as I realised every place we stopped at would not fit within my new diet. It even resorted to me asking McDonalds for any gluten free option (Something I hate). Still no luck! (Probably a good thing) while my friends say “just do it this one time, it won’t hurt”. My competitive side shone through and I stayed strong, it was tough because all I could think about was food. It only got harder once my friends stunk out the car with their McDonalds just making me that much hungrier.

I starved till I reached home, managing to stay within my diet. I know what you are thinking first world problems….

Willpower is everything! if I start making excuses it creates the snowball effect. Then everything becomes an excuse to break the diet.

In the end it was all worth it even though it was tough there is no such thing as a bad surf, especially when it is glassy and you have it to yourselves =)