Every new individual client we take on board goes through our 90min in-depth pre-screen.


We are all about maximising results, to do this we take the time to get to know our clients so that nothing gets missed.

This session will uncover any underlying issues that may hinder your progress, issues such as: health history, gut health, stress, posture, muscle imbalances, movement patterning issues etc. This offers us a greater understanding of your needs and if you have any underlying issues that may be holding you back or slowing your progress down, that needs to be addressed and fixed.

Pre-Screen Process:

  1. Online Form: The form needs to be completed and submitted prior to the Pre-Screen session. This will provide a foundational background of your current health and wellbeing status.

  2. Pre-Screen Session (90min): During this session, we will dive deeper into your health history; discussing forms filled in the first section and progress more into the hands-on side of the screening where we will cover: Baseline measures, Posture, Imbalances/Asymmetries, Movement Patterning etc. This session will dictate the plan of attack from here.

What is Next?

Personalised Plan: Summaries & Priorities Findings

The Pre-Screen offers us a unique insight into your needs and requirements. We then prioritise your needs and establish a personalised plan to kick start your journey. The individualised approach means that every plan is different.

Although each plan is varied, we normally begin with a intensive program  (2 Sessions/ Week) to assist with accountability and to facilitate the education of new techniques, exercises, & behavioural changes.


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