Time to get specific and double down on your muscle imbalances and make you stronger and more functional than ever before.

Want to perform better at specific sport or just life? This where we take you performance to the next level and unleash your true potential.

This phase of training will often find yourself working with two specialists, continuing with your Health & Movement Specialist (HMS) on a less frequent bases to ensure a solid foundation is maintained and then the introduction of a  Performance & Conditioning Specialist. As you progress this ratio will become more in favour with your Performance & Conditioning Specialist.


Taylored Weightlifter


In your pre-screen, we’ll explore your health and performance history and consider any past injuries or hurdles that have posed challenges in the past. The screen will include: adrenal fatigue assessment (stress), stress factors identification, sleep quality (PSQI), gut health, body metric (skinfolds & girths), strength, posture (NYPS), imbalances/asymmetries and movement (FMS). After learning this information we can create a smarter plan that will help you to achieve your performance goals and your potential.


Improve your athletic performance, extend your athletic career, improve mobility and rehabilitate any injuries. We have the expertise and equipment you need to harness your potential and optimise your sporting performance.

Our qualified Health and Performance Specialists will help you on your journey to achieving your performance goals. We offer an adaptive approach to training that caters to each individual’s needs.


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