Challenges ahead

New challenge: A hypertrophy phase

As a trainer I love manipulating my body through different training protocols, recently I have been focused on functional training and rehab. Being lighter has made a lot of difference when it comes to my surfing.

My new challenge starts this week! I am about to undergo a Hypertrophy phase (Increasing muscle size). This phase requires consuming a lot of food! So will become especially difficult with this diet. Although I love a good challenge!

I am really excited to see how this training phase goes. Because as I stated in an earlier post I have been dealing with a few niggly injuries (SIJ Lower back, Knee and shoulder) for a while now. As I continue this diet I have noticed a considerable improvement in these niggles. I put this down to my body not being in a state of stress and being inflamed all the time. With the improved joint health I am now able to undergo a hypotrophy cycle free of injury.

I am aiming complete a quick 4 week hypertrophy cycle as I am not interested in gaining too much muscle as I still want to remain as functional as possible for surfing and snowboarding. I am also going to maintain a clean diet while building. Majority of people complete this phase eating anything and everything my goal is to source my diet from healthy foods.

Stay tuned for progress.