Mindfulness: Where to start

Mindfulness Definition: A mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations

Becoming mindful by no means is easy to achieve, it is something myself that I have struggled to achieve and stay on top of. When you introduce anything new into your life it does not come easy it is a skill that takes time to master. However, if you stick to it like myself the benefits are endless!!
It is important to understand that mindfulness can be a number of things. It does not necessarily require too much time it can be as simple as a taking a moment and a couple of breaths to reset and become present. However, to achieve this quick reset it takes more skill.

Where to Start?

Start Small but Consistent. I always advocate to my clients that are new to mindfulness to begin with guided mindfulness mediation (GMM). Start small (5-10min) build the habit, then build time. It is important to understand that GMM is a practice, therefore it consistency is key. Pick a time that you know you can achieve and start there.

What is guided Mindfulness Meditation (GMM)? Where do I find it?

GMM is a practice where someone guides your thoughts and shifts your focus, teaching you awareness of the present moment. This practice sets the foundation for overall mindfulness.
GMM is continually growing in popularity with this growth comes more variety in methods. You now have endless options: classes, apps, websites, retreats. With all the options it is best to pick an option that suits you and something that you can stick to. The big thing when it comes to guided mediation find a voice that is easy to listen so search around for one that suits you.

My Favourite Method

I personally prefer apps as they are easy to use and access. Plus, the majority of apps take you on a journey that educate you as your progress through various stages. As you advance they begin to impart methods and techniques that show you how introduce mindfulness into your daily lifestyle. This journey takes any worry of uncertainty while keeping you accountable and on the right track.

My Favourite Mindfulness Apps

Majority of apps offer a free trial that leads into a paid version (Headspace, Calm). Test each of them out and find the one that suits you. I highly recommend upgrading to paid versions as it becomes a lot more personalised as you can select packages that that you require and it offers further education that really gives you the skills required to make your mindfulness practice easy and stress free.

Free Mindfulness Options

Don’t want to pay. No stress there are options for you too. There is endless GMM available for free on websites, youtube and even apps that give you unlimited free access (Insight Timer). However, I have found these to be less effective as it feels more sporadic with less of a focus as a regular practice.
My Favorite Apps

Head Space: https://www.headspace.com/ (I began here)
Calm: https://www.calm.com/
Insight Timer: https://insighttimer.com/