Mindfulness: Living in the present moment

Focus on what is important!
The past and future often dictate our thoughts and in this chaotic world people are becoming detached from the present moment. We often go through our lives without paying attention and checked out of the present moment.
Cultivating mindfulness is not an easy task by any measure, but with practice and persistence you can make significant changes allowing yourself to remove all the clutter in your mind and become present in the now.

Why is the present so important?
Ever felt that feeling of brain fog? So much to do but too little time…..

In our high paced lifestyle, it is easy to become overwhelmed with endless to do lists clouding your mind. What if I was to say it possible to take charge and filter your thoughts removing negative thoughts and as a result live in the present moment and boast focus and in-turn productivity. Mindfulness is a process in which gives you the ability to clear your mind and file your thoughts and focus on the present.

Mindfulness is not for me….

I hear this time and time again. In fact, I used to say the same thing. My mind is too busy I can’t switch my mind off, there is too much to be done, I don’t have a spare 10mins. All very common excuses I would tell myself. Until I committed to change, like any new challenge you must be persistent to make change.

How did I change:
I set myself the challenge, one-month of daily mindfulness mediation (10min/Day). It was not easy, 10mins doesn’t sound like much however it was incredibly hard finding this time in my high paced lifestyle of racing from place to place. Once I found the time my mind wondered continuously, of tasks I had to do, it became a never ending stream of thoughts popping into my mind, some so random and distracting. These thoughts repeatedly removed my focus from the practice, leaving me questioning is this worth it? I cannot to do this…..

I reminded myself I was doing this for a reason and I stuck it out, within two week I began to notice a considerable difference. I was thriving with energy and my productivity levels began to soar with my new found focus, I was no longer brain fogged! Instead of sitting down to do a task and wasting 10mins trying to get my head into a task, it was like a switch flicked as soon as I sat down the work began flowing. As I progressed through my practice my mind became progressively clearer, my ability to process information steadily improved. Naturally, with all these new found capabilities, mindfulness has become a regular practice for me and an essential part of my daily life.

Beginning a mindfulness practice was one of the best things I have ever done. It has allowed me to get on top of busy lifestyle, take control of my thoughts and become present allowing me to focus on what is important.