How We Bundle our Member Services.

We have a unique ‘bundle’ model to support our Four Pillar Philosophy and treatment plans. It starts with selecting a foundation membership, to which we can then add-on services as required. We don’t just offer “Hub Access” like your typical health and fitness club. Access must be combined with some type of semi-guided Taylored program or plan.

Let’s first look at our three categories, then dig deeper into the membership options.

Our Categories


Our group memberships gives you a semi-personalised movement experience with a maximum class size of 8. We have all-inclusive passes or access can be added onto any other membership. 


Taylored Circuit

Designed for people who prefer circuit-based strength and conditioning training.

Initial Setup Fee: $25.


Taylored Zen

Designed for people who would like to focus on meditative and recovery practices such as yoga, mobility and meditation.

Initial Setup Fee: $25.


Taylored Mum & Bub

Separated into prenatal and postnatal sessions, these small group trainings have been designed to help you stay fit and healthy during pregnancy or recover postpartum. It’s a supportive, safe space to connect with other Mums at a similar stage.

Initial Setup Fee: $25.


Taylored All Access

Full-access pass to any small group training session across Circuit, Zen and Mum & Bub.

Initial Setup Fee: $25.



Our self-managed memberships set you up with a plan or program to work on over a minimum period of 8 weeks, following the Taylored Four Pillar Philosophy and supported by specialists.


Taylored Base

Designed for people who prefer solo movement practices, you’ll meet with a movement specialist to assess your needs. An 8-week movement program will be designed for you to follow either at home or at the Taylored Hub.

Initial consultation/on-boarding fee: $50.


Taylored Focus 45

Our flagship membership, which serves the delivery of our comprehensive Taylored Treatment Plan through personalised specialist coaching. Through a simple weekly subscription you are given weekly or fortnightly credits to book in with any of our specialists via the Taylored Desktop and Mobile App. Follow your treatment plan or adapt to your lifestyle needs. How you use the credits is ultimately up to you.

Pricing below based on 45min sessions. Sign up fee: $25. 

$42/week – SILVER Specialist Credit 1 per fortnight

$80/week – GOLD
Specialist Credit 1 per week

$154/week – PLATINUM
Specialist Credit 2 per week

Taylored Focus 60

The same as Taylored Focus 45, but this membership is for 60 minute service sessions.

Sign up fee: $25. 

$49/week – SILVER
Specialist Credit 1 per fortnight

$95/week – GOLD
Specialist Credit 1 per week

$181/week – PLATINUM Specialist Credit 2 per week

Taylored Focus 90

The same as Taylored Focus 45, but this membership is for 90 minute service sessions.

Sign up fee: $25. 

$72/week – GOLD
Specialist Credit 1 per fortnight

$138/week – SILVER Specialist Credit 1 per week

$265/week – PLATINUM Specialist Credit 2 per week

Premium Care

Within our premium category, you are paired with one of our Head Coaches to handcraft & curate a comprehensive and adaptive treatment plan while walking directly alongside you.


Taylored Reset

Designed for people who have been struggling with stress and burnout and need to completely reset their health. Membership runs in 12-week cycles and is by application only.

Involves a minimum of weekly specialist sessions.

Initial setup fee: $50.



Taylored Precision

Designed for people who wish to commit and lean deeply into addressing a chronic condition, sustained injury or looking to unlock exceptional athletic or executive performance.

Depending on the exact goal, additional clinical research and/or diagnostics (at extra cost) may be required.

Membership runs in 12-week cycles and is by application only.

Involves a minimum of weekly specialist sessions.

Initial setup fee: $50.



Add-On Services.

Once you have a membership from one of the above categories, you can ‘add-on’ extras (if they’re not already included).

Unlimited Hub Access - $7/week

Access the Taylored Hub during open hours with your ver own Taylored Access Tag:
M – F: 5:30am – 9:30pm
S – S: 6:30am – 8:30pm

Extra Specialist Sessions - from $58/session

If you need a little extra TLC from a specialist and you’ve already used up your session credits, you can book into another session and just pay casual member rates.

$58 – 30 Minutes

$80 – 45 Minutes

$95 – 60 Minutes

$138 – 90 Minutes

Or $1.55/minute to add additional time onto a current booking.

Small Group Training - from $29/week

If you choose a Taylored Self-Managed category membership, you can add-on group access as well.

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical and genetic assessment takes extra sessions because of the research required to service it. This type of advanced session can be booked but it requires extra credits or to pay the difference.

8-Week Movement Program - from $29/week

You can add an 8-week personalised movement program onto any of our memberships (included in Taylored Base).

Advanced Diagnostics

Usually only available for Taylored Premium Care as it requires supporting specialist bookings, but can be purchased separately at casual member rates. 

Perks & Benefits.

Once you’re a member, here’s what you can expect.

Free Off-Street Parking

We have plenty of free parking in the heart of Hamilton.

Free WiFi

So you can stream music to fuel your health practices.

Exclusive Gym with Modern Equipment

Our Hub Access Add-on offers semi-private use of our movement zone for members.

Zen Den for Meditation & Yoga

Our new Zen Den has been designed to support mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga.

Fully-Provisioned Changing Rooms

We have showers, lockers, blow driers and toiletry products that actually care for your skin.

Intentional & Comfortable Spaces

Built and designed for purpose, our massage and consultation rooms create a space for calm.

Taylored Desktop & Mobile App

Our Taylored App provides an easy way to check your account, benefit credits, making and managing your specialist bookings.

Access to Exclusive Recovery Products

Depending on your membership, you can unlock exclusive recovery products during and after your session.

VIP Bonus Perks

For our Gold Taylored Focus Memberships and above, you unlock additional perks as a way of rewarding deep commitment to your health and well-being. 

Collagen & Antioxidant Infused Recovery Water

After your sessions, you’ll be offered a Taylored-exclusive water to support recovery.

Unlimited Taylored Hub Access

Usually a subscription add-on, our VIP members get this included for free.

Premium Magnesium Massage Balm

Just a little something to improve tension release, recovery, and sleep.

Access to Advanced Therapy & Diagnostics

Access our advanced services such as clinical diagnostics & genetics.

10% Off Stocked Supplements & Products

Get 10% off all stocked supplements & products such as BePure, Thorne, RnLabs.

Heavily Discounted (or Free) Workshops

Attend in-house events free of charge. Colab workshops are heavily discounted.

Find Your Taylored Fit.

You don’t know a true fit, until it’s Taylored.

The best number of steps forward is one. Just one. One step in the right direction. And it’s either “one day” or today is “day one”. You choose. Let’s find your fit.

Get Your First Class for Free

One small step can take you somewhere amazing. 

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