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Facing the possibility of life in a wheelchair and challenged with dyslexia, Luke Taylor blames his curious nature for wanting to find answers. He’s now helping others achieve their health, wellbeing and fitness aspirations with a strong belief in himself and a degree from Wintec.

From kid with a flexibility disorder to Ironman competitor: ‘I can’t wait’

If Luke Taylor hadn’t done his stretches as a kid, he might have needed a wheelchair.

Instead, the 25-year-old Hamiltonian is looking for support to get to the World Triathlon Sprint Championships, and training for an Ironman event.

Taylor has overly flexible joints, which means he can bend his thumb down beside his wrist. But it also means he’s prone to injuries like muscle tears.


He started life with a funny running style. He was told he had a disability that could put him in a wheelchair as an adult. He powered through years of injuries with the hopes of being a rugby star. He became so injured he lost the ability to run. He didn’t give up. He challenged every impossible moment. He remade himself. He is an Ironman.

At four years old, Luke Taylor was a keen rugby player, but sideline supporters kept asking his parents why he was running funny. They decided to take him to a podiatrist, but found it was nothing to do with his feet.

From there he visited several specialists over a year until finally one of the health professionals discovered this plucky Hamilton lad had a flexibility disorder.

Sponsored Athlete: Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor is an accomplished New Zealand Triathlete who has represented New Zealand in his age group for the Short Distance World Champs & recently completed the 2018 IRONMAN New Zealand. He has been involved in Triathlons for 1.5 years & runs Taylored Health & Performance as a Health & Performance Specialist.


Luke Taylor was thrown off his bike and into the windscreen of a car in Mt Maunganui in late June. He escaped serious injury but is reconsidering whether he trains on the road.

A car T-boned Luke Taylor, sending him flying off his bike and into the windscreen.

The Hamilton-based Ironman competitor was on Marine Parade, heading back into Mt Maunganui, nearing the finish of his June 23 training ride.

His bike was totalled in the mid-afternoon crash


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