Build The Foundation

There is nothing more important than this stage! Without a solid foundation you are setting yourself up to fail!

This initial phase you will be working with a Health & Movement Specialist (HMS) focusing on the foundational pillars: Physical, Mental, Lifestyle, Fuel.

Each pillar is just as important as the next, if we are weak in even one of the four areas our future progress will be hindered.

The time spent in this phase will vary depending on each individuals needs. Once the solid foundation is established the Performance & Conditioning Specialist (PCS) will involved to untap your true potential.



For those committed to success! Individual training provides us the ability to truly taylor to your specific needs and requirements, ensuring optimal environment for success. With the ability to truly individualise to your needs, not only allows us to get more specific but in doing so allows us to achieve quicker and more impactful results.


Do you know someone dealing with similar struggles?

Working out with a partner is a great way to stay motivated and push yourselves harder. Bring along a friend, partner or family member for a partner training session at Taylored Health & Performance and you’ll not only reduce the session cost, but you’ll have more fun and gain an accountability partner.

  • Get Fit and healthy

  • Have more energy

  • Feel great!


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