Gluten-free show Auckland

Gluten-free show (Auckland) – Week 7

I am 7 Weeks into my gluten free dairy free diet now. In this time I have gained a greater understanding what I can and cannot eat although the diet continues to grow boring. I have been creative but it is tough as there is not the variety of foods that I am used to. Don’t get me wrong I have grown to love the foods in my new diet but growing more and more bored with the selection. Or maybe it is the preparation required. Nonetheless change is required.

This led me to the Gluten Free and Allergy Show up in Auckland last weekend, it was great chance to see what else is out there and open my mind to new ideas.

Gluten Free Show was awesome, I sampled way too much and ended way too full with Nut and Bread overload! After searching through all the breads and nuts I found some more savoury products (what I have really been craving) amazing spicy salami, pizza bread with olive oil, 100% meat Sausages and even crumbed chicken. I was over the moon! However my wallet was not! As for everything allergy free they came with a price tag sadly.

It is always good exposing yourself to new ideas and opening your mind. I am feeling a new sense of motivation and excited to continue on this journey.