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Other health and fitness clubs focus on one or two types of services. Often, that revolves around movement. While movement is important, enjoying sustainable health is more than just body fitness. It’s about mind, life and food fitness. Our holistic approach looks at all these things which forms the basis of our Four Pillar Philosophy. Keep scrolling to walk through the steps.

Find Your Fit

Our 5 minute “Find Your Fit” quiz gives us insight into where you currently are & which pillars you need the most help with. It also gives us a feel for the type of practices you enjoy & your appetite for change.

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If the recommendation from your quiz is a ‘no-brainer’ you can sign up straight away. An On-Boarding Buddy will walk you through the next steps. If you have questions about your results, simply book a consultation.


We take the information from your “Find Your Fit” quiz and discuss the areas that need greater clarity or attention. We then support you on making the right membership choice. 

Treatment Plan

Depending on the type of membership you choose, we will work with you to co-design a 12-week treatment plan to kick start your specialist journey and support your immediate needs & goals.

Follow the Plan

You either follow the plan self-managed, with a group, or a coach depending on your membership. The specialists that form your treatment team will still discuss your progress together and make any changes as needed.

These five steps repeat every 3-6 months depending on how you progress and to adapt to your immediate situation and needs.

Find Your Taylored Fit.

You don’t know a true fit, until it’s Taylored.

Based on the answers to your “Find My Fit” quiz, a membership recommendation will be created. It will also identify which of the Four Health Pillars need the most attention. Haven’t done the quiz yet?

Your Treatment Plan.

Building Your Roadmap to Long-Term Health.

Based on the answers to your “Find My Fit” quiz, a membership recommendation will be created. It will also identify which of the Four Health Pillars need the most attention, after which we create a recommended treatment plan to support your situation and goals.

Meditation with Muse

Does this already feel a little different than other fitness clubs?

It Should. You’re Worth More.

Once you’re a Member, here’s a summary of what else to expect.

Access to 14 Specialists

Depending on your specific needs, current situation, challenges, and goals your health team will be formed from a pool of 14 specialists to deliver collaborative care. Depending on which health pillar(s) needs the most attention, we will select the right combination of specialists.

Personalised Coaching

Based on your unique situation and needs, you might like to follow the plan with your team self-managed, with a group, or work with a coach. The Taylored Coach is our most comprehensive service  in which someone on our team overseas your entire health journey.  

The Taylored Community

After working with hundreds of people over the last 10 years, we’ve found the best results are accompanied by the right support system. As a member, you become part of a community of others on a similar health journey, where you can find health buddies to learn, share and grow with.   

Meditation with Muse

Inside Advantage

As a Taylored Member, you are the first to learn about new products, educational seminars, and upcoming workshops at a discounted rate. You’ll also get access to world-leading experts, new wearable devices, and clinical diagnostics to give you insight into your health like never before. 

One Day or Day One?

If you’re ready to change, let us help you. Today could be “day one”

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One small step can take you somewhere amazing. 

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