Gluten-free shopping

Day 1

After confronting my new reality of a limited diet, the first day of the rest of my life began with a visit to the supermarket. This involved the arduous task of reading each and every label in store. As I selected the few items that were suited to my food sensitivities (that also remained healthy), I noticed the price of the items I’d chosen… WOW!! This is going to be an expensive endeavour!

After finding enough items to cater to my food intolerances, I went home to sample my new diet. I wish I could say everything was yum but sadly this was not the case. Everything I sampled seemed to be dry, tasteless, sour, and overall very boring! The sad truth set in that this will not be easy! However where there is a will there is a way!

Eliminating one food source is somewhat easy but due to the wide variety of intolerances this will not be the case and extreme caution will need to be taken with everything. It seemed everything I thought of as a replacement had something I was intolerant to. For example alternative to bread would be gluten free bread right? Hold up it has yeast………. Dammit! I will even need to change my probiotic supplement I take each day.

It’s funny I get the same response whenever I inform one of my friends or family of the results and the journey I am undertaking, I get the same reply. “Do you regret getting tested” (ignorance is bliss), as my diet will now be so restricted. Although maintaining this diet currently seems impossible, I thrive off a challenge! plus I am excited to see the health benefits and to feel healthy.