Create a Common Workplace Language: Taylored Wellness Vision Document

Get everybody on the same page! Develop a workplace language.

In our previous posts we discussed the current business landscape, reflecting on current, past and future trends. In this post we will provide you with our ‘Taylored’ structure that will aid in ensuring the success of your workplace wellness program.

Success Begins with a Plan

If your workplace is establishing its first wellness program or re-energising an existing program with a new strategy. Success begins with a plan! Before you begin making any change, take the time to establish a “Wellness Vision Document”. With so many moving parts in a business it is vital to have a document that you can regularly reflect on. This will allow you to recall ‘why the program was established’ and ‘what you are trying to achieve’. It also ensures deliverables and targets are met keeping everyone accountable while not losing the site of the vision. Basically the aim is to get everybody on the same page and develop a common workplace language!

Naturally your businesses will go through busy periods which makes it especially hard to maintain a program. However, it is during these periods  that it is most valuable to maintain and have a wellness program, as it will not only boost deep work and productivity but it will also keep your staff healthy and happy. A “Wellness Vision Document” will be your guiding force in difficult times like these, and will ensure success.

A common workplace language is one of the key determining factors when it comes to the success of a program. If staff are unsure of what is expected or don’t feel comfortable the program is set up for failure. This is where creating a common why and direction, that reflects the desires of the business is vital.

Taylored Wellness Vision Document Template:

Block out some uninterrupted time with those who are passionate about well-being and those who will be key within your business to implement a Workplace Wellness Program.

Who should be in your Wellness Team?

The purpose of this group is to select leaders that represent different areas of your business to ensure each departments are addressed. This team will act as leaders across all divisions of your businesses, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard.  Success of wellness programs has been linked to employee engagement in planning stages of a program because you get to the real source or root cause of issues instead of a perceived issues. The number of people in this group will depend on business size, keep in mind the bigger you go the more challenging it will become.

This group will be known as your Wellness Team, should meet regularly to reflect, ensuring everything is on track and to improve when required. As for any plan things will change, so view this document as a working document instead of a rigid document.

Part 1: Overview

  • Rate: Current Workplace Wellness (1-10):
  • Background: Why is a workplace wellness program important to our business?
  • Workplace WHY: A purpose, cause or belief that inspires your workplace
  • Workplace Wellness: What do we do well?
  • Workplace Wellness: What areas we you need to improve?


Part 2: 

  • What current business processes Inhibit health in the workplace?
  • What current business processes Enable health in the workplace?


Part 3:

  • Key stakeholder:                                                                                                                               Internal (within company):                                                                                                               External (contractors, partner companies etc)
  • Anticipated benefits: What effect will the program have on the workplace
  • Benchmark: What are great examples to model and measure up against?
  • Justification for resources: What is the ROI?
  • Criteria for success and measurement: What metrics would be essential to track progress?
  • Risk, challenges and constraints: Do any barriers exist, that would impact the success of this program?
  • Milestones: Short and Long term goals
  • Deliverable’s for stakeholders: What is expected from each key stakeholder?


Need someone to facilitate this process?

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