Level 2 COVID Alert.

We're Back at Level 2

Let’s take a big, deep breath. In and out.

We’re going to be okay. We’ve all done this before and we’re in this together. Now is the time to lean into your health more deeply so your immune system can cope with these extra stressors. Here is how we’re working to support your continued wellness practices at Taylored.

Unwell? Stay Home.

If you’re sick, stay home. Please contact us to cancel any upcoming bookings. Keep track of where you’ve been. Do not go to work or school. Please don’t socialise. If you have COVID symptoms, call your doctor or the free healthline for advice.

Physical Considerations

Stay close to home if you can. Keep your distance to others of at least 2 m in public. All staff and members will be required to wear a face mask for the duration of their visit (except during exercise) and sanitise their hands upon entry into the Taylored Hub.

Practice Good Hygiene

It’s important that you use basic hygiene measures, including washing your hands, coughing or sneezing into your elbow and regularly cleaning surfaces. We’re doing our part at the Taylored Hub to keep the place cleaned, regularly.

All Services Will Continue as Scheduled.
However, there are a few adjustments to the way we deliver our services while in Level 2,
to comply with requirements (and common sense).

General Protocol.

Any person who is feeling unwell, has symptoms or had exposure to anyone with COVID-19 (including staff & members) are asked not to come into the Taylored Hub until they are fully recovered (as outlined by the Ministry of Health).

COVID Tracing App

You are now required to use the government COVID Tracing App to scan our QR code when entering the Hub.

Increased Sanitation

We will be increasing the frequency of our cleaner to ensure a safe and clean space.

Wipes will be provided to clean your equipment before and after use.

All Members and staff will be required to sanitise their hands upon entry to the Taylored Hub

Online Sessions

Online 1:1 Practitioner sessions continue to be available for those that prefer it. Just let us know.

Bookings & "Tapping In"

All Members must book into their sessions using the GymMaster app and “tap in and out” using their allocated key fob, for additional contract tracing purposes.

Personal Protection

All Members and staff will be required to wear a face mask for the duration of their visit unless exercising, during which the mask can be removed to ensure it doesn’t obstruct or hinder breathing.

Movement Zone & Zen Den

All members and trainers will keep a distance of 2 metres apart, at all times. We will be actively encouraging 2 meter social distancing between small group training participants. Zones will also be outlined for each individual during group training, to ensure safe distancing. There will be no sharing of equipment unless sanitised between use.

For safety purposes, you will be expected to pre-book online (through our app), if you don’t you will not be allowed to join the group session.

Navigating Doors

Where practical, the main door will be left open to stop unnecessary touching of handles, but we ask that you still ‘tap in’.

If people do not comply with ‘tapping in’, we may need to keep the door shut to block access unless the key fob has been tapped. Sanitiser is available at the Welcome Desk to manage hand contact with the door handle.


Guests and members are required to use EFTPOS instead of cash until we return to level one and the machine will be wiped after every use.


Health status and exposure will be checked 2 hours prior and upon arrival e.g. symptoms, feeling unwell, exposure with anyone with COVID-19. If any of the answers are ‘yes’, we will ask you to reschedule your appointment with us.

Massage appointments may be spaced out to allow for extra cleaning practices. We appreciate your understanding if these slight adjustments need to be made to your booking.

Massage tables and all surfaces will be cleaned down with high-grade cleaners after each client.

Both the massage therapist and the client will be required to wear a face mask for the duration of the session.

Clients will be required to bring a bag to put clothes in while being massaged.

Clients are not to bring unnecessary items into the massage, i.e. handbags, shopping.

Normal procedures will be followed to our normal high standard e.g. changing towels after each client & cleaning all surfaces.

Have Questions?
You’re not alone. If you want to speak to a team member about your membership or upcoming booking, just get in touch.

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