Finally, the rebrand of Taylored Health and Performance is here as you can see from the logo’s above. It was time for a change and update of my logo to better suit our training and Philosophy.



18493825_10207667486678965_367652992_oSports Innovation Forum 
This month I attended an event on innovation in sport. It gave me a great insight into some of the new exciting technologies that are coming through. Attending the event I had the opportunity to connect and listen to some of NZ’s top sports innovators from Nike, Microsoft along with other top NZ innovators and companies. New Zealand is looking to have a bright future, aiming to be the global hub of sports innovation.



Taylored Health Conquer the Winter Blues

Article of the Month: Conquer the Winter Blues

Winter is fast approaching, as made apparent by the recent drop in temperature with the cooler mornings and evenings. By now, you are thinking about your health and how to remain optimal over the cooler months. If you don’t have a plan of action yet. We are here to provide you with some quick practical tips for keeping you and your family healthy this winter.



                                             18238672_1658161690877802_1445786912788844307_o 18238680_1658161647544473_6057117253887469459_o

Ben Warren – BePure

Another enjoyable evening at Ben Warren (BePure) seminar. The day following the seminar, I had Ben & Jack call into the studio for a mobility session, to help them out with a few of their movement issues.

If you are not aware of who Ben¬†is,¬†I would highly recommend¬†you check him and BePure out! He is one of New Zealand’s¬†leading nutritionist and is doing some amazing things!

                                 IMG_0856 IMG_0434
Client Spotlight:
Olivia’s Mardi Cup Success

It has been a pleasure working with Olivia and helping her exceed her expectation. Oliva is an extremely motivated young athlete with a bright future ahead. Here is what she had to say about her experience with Taylored Health & Performance:

“Within my first session with Luke he was quick to identify weaknesses and the underlying reasons behind my back pain. He picked up that I had a dairy intolerance, something that I was not aware of, by removing something as simple as dairy made such a significant difference to my health and in turn my performance. I approached Luke during peak season training leading into Mardi Cup. It was important that I was still able to train while fixing my lower back. Luke was considerate of this and catered a program to suit, putting systems in place to counter the effects of the training. Since partnering with Luke, I have picked up a national under 18 title and most importantly been able to compete in the sport I love without injury.”


March Newsletter

img-1273-hungerHormonal Effects on Weight-loss: Leptin and Insulin

A calorie is a calorie, right? Therefore, if you have a balance between your Calories Intake and Calories Expenditure you should remain the same weight, right?


This rudimentary science is outdated and has been drilled into us for too long! I admit I was fooled for a while. What a lot of people and physicians neglect to account for is the endocrine system (Hormone system) chronic response with regards obesity.

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17098030_1582742898419682_8170159408750266718_o (1)Ironman 2017

Wow every year Ironman blows me away, it must be the most inspirational event around! I love going down to Taupo to support all my clients and friends, it has to be one of my favorite weekends.

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the grueling conditions which would have had to been one of the toughest year on record, you are all an inspiration!






Blog: Caffeine Effect on Performance

How exactly does caffeine affect your performance, and does it actually improve it? What doses are optimal for improvements?

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Endurance Mobility Training17078606_10154252679266722_383943940_n

I am happy to announce I will be running another round of Endurance Mobility Training.

If you are interested, please contact for more information [email protected]

Friday the 7th of April, 6pm



Client Spotlight



Malcolm King

Firstly, Malcolm deserves some recognition for taking out the Olympic Distance Triathlon National Championships earlier this month in Wellington.

I am proud to have sponsored Malcolm for the last two years. It has been a great journey working together helping him push his limits. Malcolm has gone from strength to strength, with podium finishes nationally and internationally. Some of the highlights in this time include:

  • 1st¬†in NZ National Champs 2017
  • 1st the South Island Regional Camps
  • 2nd in NZ National Champs 2016
  • 6th in his first Pro Race in New Caledonia
  • 2nd place in Austin Texas, USA.

Here is what Malcolm has to say:
“As a professional triathlete, recovery is key so working with Luke has been essential for enhancing my performance. Our sessions together are based around keeping me functioning optimally while preventing the chance of injury due to my high training load.
Since partnering with Taylored Fitness, I‚Äôve excelled in my sport with podium finishes nationally and internationally. Luke has been there making sure I‚Äôm in the best shape I can be to train and race. With Luke‚Äôs experience and knowledge, I‚Äôm happy knowing I am going to get the best out of what I‚Äôm capable of.‚ÄĚ

January Newsletter

Welcome 2017!

2017 is going to be a massive year for Taylored Fitness. With so much going on we have decided it is time to establish a monthly newsletter to keep you all up to date. We will aim to keep it short and straight to the point while being packed full of helpful tips and exclusive deals.


Febuary Win Win Referral Special

Refer a friend/family member for starter pack $199 (90min Pre-screen & 2x Individual sessions) and receive a $50 credit per person!!!

Currently we have some exciting things in the pipeline. This includes a whole new look with a re-brand and expansion to a new facility all in the works at the moment. We are currently in the process of nailing down a facility, once secured it will be all go. Aiming tor April-May opening date. Stay tuned!

New Website
We launched our revamped website end of last year. Head over and check it out the new look.


Weekly Blog Posts

Make sure you check out our weekly blog post, that are released every Monday. You will find them on our website, Facebook & Luke’s¬†LinkedIn page.

Next Mondays post will be around Fear Setting. A new perspective around goal setting.

If there is a topic that you would like us to touch on please let us know =)

Free Endurance Athlete Workshop
Was a success! We had an awesome turnout with amazing weather! With only four days notice for the event we had a massive amount of interest with all spots being filled. The session was based around the importance of mobility and imbalance correction.

Coming Soon: 

5 Week Endurance Athlete Small Group Training:

Who is this for: Triathletes, Runners, Cyclists, Swimmers, Adventure Sport Athletes.

Focus for the sessions:

  • Prehabilation/ rehabilation
  • Mobility
  • Imbalance correction
  • Strengthening
  • Posture
  • Foam Rolling Techniques
  • Running Technique/Efficiency
  • Pre/Post Training Exercises
  • Education

Best of all this doesn’t just prevent injury but will boast your performance!!

When: Starts the week of 13/02/17
Due to popularity, I will be ruining two groups (Max of 10people)

Wednesday 12:10pm-1pm
Friday 6pm-6:50pm

Cost: $15/Week ($75 Total)
With a FREE Lacrosse Ball

Contact Luke for more information.

Practitioners Monthly Highlight: What have we been up to?


Port of Tauranga Half Ironman
As some of you may be aware I have recently taken up triathlon. Early in January I completed my first Half Ironman (Swim: 2km, Bike: 90km, Run: 21km).  I also managed to get selected to represent New Zealand in the Long Distance World Championships in Canada later this year! This was a big moment for me after my long journey of rehabilitation. To keep a long story short Rugby was not nice to me and left me unable to run for 3 years due to injuries (I will touch on this story at a later date).

For those of you that have not meet Nathan yet, he joined the team end of last year. Such an awesome asset to have on the team, with his knowledge and over 8 years experience. (for more infomation see http://tayloredfitness.nz/about-us/)

Here is a bit from Nathan:
The end of 2016 proved to be a highly eventful one for my partner and I. Right before Christmas, after searching for four months we finally secured our first home. The diligence and productivity of my partner and our outstanding surrounding professional team enabled us to have the paperwork done over the Christmas, New Year period, whilst also enjoying some holiday time in Hawkes Bay. The keys were handed over on the evening of February the second, and we had our first dinner there. Knowing this has given us the security and comfort of starting a family with our first one expected the end of May this year. Two very exciting developments in our lives, proving 2017 to be a busy but rewarding year.