Why is Restorative Exercise so Unsexy?
By Laura Hett

We get taught that health and fitness is about pumping iron, crop tops, sweating, cardio, lettuce, bland meals  – but here at Taylored Health, we think we’ve found the secret. It’s about balance. That’s why we have circuit classes, yoga, massage and nutrition all under one roof! Balance sounds unsexy, but we’re here to change that.

Whole health is about the balance of how you think, live, eat, and move.

We created the Taylored Zen Den because there is NO gym or facility out there that truly delivers a balanced approach to thinking, living, eating and moving. Our Taylored Health Hub in Hamilton CBD isn’t there yet either, but we’re working on it (and we’re always open to suggestions!).

We’re also here to give ‘Restorative Exercise’ a PR makeover! Restorative is sexy. (Ask any health expert, if you’re looking after your stress levels, your libido will increase…. Just saying!).

Your mind and body needs space to let go of the day; find a way back to itself (after being busy and doing things for others).

As a family owned and operated business, it’s our vision to create a place that is safe to explore all these things; not to chase the 6-pack of abs; or promote just life’s ‘highlight reel’. It’s to help people get fit for life; fit for the lows; fit for the highs; fit for their family; fit to grow/learn. To share all this with people they trust and a community that believes in them.

The Taylored Zen Den is one part of our business; yes, there is yoga (side note: come try it!). Yes, there is mobility. Yes, there is guided meditation. But more importantly, it’s about connecting with others to be better; to work on just the right type of health practices as you need it….while you connect more to your true authentic self.


Yoga is a type of restorative exercise that brings in elements of breath and mindfulness alongside movement. Yoga will help you reduce your stress levels, focus your mind, increase flexibility and balance. For women in particular, including restorative exercise and reducing stress levels goes a loooong way to increase ‘sexiness’. Libido is intricately linked with stress levels.


Awareness of the breath is a key part of any restorative practice and in every yoga class you will bring attention to your breath. Our RESTORE yoga classes are a slower paced class with even more focus on the breath than others. So if working with the breath is something you’re interested in, try Restore.


Luke Taylor runs his infamous mobility class in the Taylored Zen Den on a Monday lunchtime. This one is not to be missed! Suitable for all bodies, stiff or flexible. This class will leave you feeling relaxed, and open in the body. Freedom of movement in your everyday life will help your sex life…… I promise 😉


Meditation sounds scary, but we promise it’s not! It’s about bringing together the above elements –  yoga, breath, mobility and then finding stillness. When we find stillness in the body, it enables us to tune in to the mind, become aware of out thoughts, and maybe even begin to slow it down. If you can be still and present in the moment, you will connect more deeply to your partner.

Taylored Health Hub in Hamilton Central has a newly opened Zen Den where you can try all the restorative practices mentioned above. The Zen Den joins our already existing circuit classes, pre- and post-natal exercise, massage and nutrition services. Your balanced and completely SEXY health and wellness support all under one roof.

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