Why can’t I get pregnant?
By Luke Taylor

The timing is right, but your body is not listening to your plea?

The journey to conception can be a long (and sometimes lonely) road. There’s so many factors that have to line up in order for you to fall pregnant – so don’t be hard on yourself!

A positive mindset is very important here. We want to arm you with all the right information in order for you to set your body systems up with the best chance of falling pregnant.

A female body has evolved to reproduce, it is one of the most primal evolutionary mechanisms. It is well within your body’s capability to bring a beautiful little human into the world –  but the conditions need to be right.

A women’s reproductive system is a finely-tuned system that’s thrown out of balance with even the smallest things. If you’re having issues with getting pregnant, take it as a sign that something is out of balance within the body.

Trust me on this, until you slow down, listen to what your body is telling you and address the imbalance, you are going to continue to struggle.

It’s important to start your fertility journey in the best health possible and let’s have a look at why that is.

WHY your baseline health is important.

To grow and carry a baby requires a LOT resources (nutrients and energy), so the body is set up to only allow conception to happen when there’s plenty to go around for both you and your baby. The body perceives stress or a lack of resources, it’s going to prevent pregnancy to happen.

The system that is perceiving whether there is stress or not is our nervous system. It controls many of the functions we don’t think about (heart rate, blood pressure, ovulation etc.) but our nervous system doesn’t ‘think’ with emotions like our mind does. Instead, it sees the world in binary terms, constantly answering the question; is this safe or not? When the body and nervous system perceives ‘danger’, it’s harder to conceive. The body perceives ‘danger’ in the form of any type of physical, emotional, mental stressors (think relationship stress, financial stress, nutrient deficiencies).

Let’s look at this objectively – as tough as this pill may be to swallow, by choosing to be a mother, your needs will come last.  So let’s set you up to be in your peak health before you get pregnant, to be readily able to support and nurture another life in this challenging world. 

Being a mother is not a sprint, it is a marathon, scratch that it is an ultra-marathon! Most likely your biggest life challenge. Are you ready?

Pregnancy starts with Health 

As for everything we preach at Taylored, before we can pursue any goal, whether it is having a baby, a sporting pursuit through to climbing the executive ladder, you must begin with a foundation of great health. Great news though, you absolutely can get pregnant! We just need to bring your body back to balance. 

What is Balance look like? 

It is a holistic approach to wellness where each pillar of health (Mindset-Lifestyle-Nutrition-Movement) is just as important as the next. However, we must also not neglect the order of the pillars. Without a strong mindset, we cannot establish a healthy balanced lifestyle nor good nutritional or movement habits, well at least not long term! 

We always start with mindset -> think about these questions; how would you describe your mindset? How do you talk to yourself in your head? (We all do it! Don’t pretend that you don’t.) Are you kind? Or are you constantly criticizing yourself?

High Expectations

Sadly, due to the demands of the 21st century, women are having to prove their worth at work and home which often leads to complete overload and burnout. Then you are also expected to carry and nurture new life, while not losing your identity you worked so hard for in the workplace. It is fair to say the cards are stacked against you.

The Opportunity

If you are reading this you are no doubt struggling to have a child. Remember with great challenges come great opportunities. This is a sign telling you to slow down and take time to look after yourself first, before nurturing and supporting another life into this world. 

This will be your last chance for a long while to put yourself first so take the opportunity! I can guarantee you will not regret it, as not only will you live a healthy, more fulfilled life, you will also have a healthy home for your baby to grow in. 

With clients I have seen in the past, being stressed (with corresponding high cortisol levels that the foetus is also exposed to) during pregnancy makes it more likely that you’ll have a challenging baby. We’re not trying to place blame here, what we’re trying to do is help you understand the long term effects of stress, and an unregulated nervous system.

What does a healthy life look like?

At Taylored Health, we start with mindset and reducing stress levels – whatever that looks like. Unfortunately, there is no one cookie-cutter guide to health as everyone’s genetic makeup and lives are completely different. That is why we support the individual and create specific programs to suit their personalised needs, to bring them back into balance with their health. 

Obviously, there are numerous essential health practices to optimise balance and health that will be beneficial for many people. We’ll break these health practices and strategies in the upcoming blog posts.

Coming next, nutritional strategies to support you on your fertility journey.


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