Meet the Zen Den Teachers
By Laura Hett


What drew you to yoga?

I wasn’t drawn to yoga as such, I feel like yoga found me. I was introduced to asana practice when I was 16, but I discovered the true essence of a whole mind body experience when I was having some of my darkest times after the birth of my son.

Why do you practice yoga?

I practice yoga to feel grounded, to be more present, and to be fully aware of myself so that I can not only be the best wife, mother, friend, and family member, but also the best version of me. Yoga takes away this idea we need to be perfect and allows you to fall into the contentment of being perfectly imperfect. It allows me to be my whole true and authentic self no matter what that looks like.

Why do you love teaching?

I love connection with others and helping my students connection to their own body. I love hearing of how yoga has changed people’s lives just like it has mine, and seeing that “blissed out” state each student is in when coming out of savasana. The world needs more of that.

What people can expect from your classes?

A safe environment to be yourself free of judgement. A place that welcomes all levels and abilities to discover yoga in your body without aiming for an aesthetic look, we focus on functionality. I take the time to listen to students so I know exactly what I can do to make yoga accessible and sustainable, free of injury. I am a softer teacher that encourages awareness, breath, mindful movement, strength, and stability over a vigorous practice.


What drew you to yoga?

I was introduced to yoga as a teenager through my dance school. I thought it was a waste of time when I first started! But after a while of doing, there was no way I could refute the benefits I was noticing – better sleep, clearer mind, better connection to my body and breath. It’s now something that I can’t do without.

Why do you practice yoga?

As an ‘ex busy-person’, yoga was the thing that grounded me, slowed me down and helped me tune into my body. Yoga is my daily practice to stay connected to my body and who I truly am. I find that I’m able to focus better, my relationships are better and I’m happier when I practice yoga!

Why do you love teaching?

Guiding people in the practice of yoga is an honour. I love to help people rediscover a lost side of themselves and pain free movement!

What people can expect from your classes?

Laura creates an intelligent and playful class that is accessible for all body types, new yogis and more advanced practitioners. Expect to move mindfully in time with your breath and feel more open, soft and strong through your body by the end of class.

Taylored Zen Den

There’s three types of classes that we’re offering at the Zen Den depending on what you’re looking for.


A gentle yin style practice to restore the body and mind. We use restorative postures that are designed to relax the body and relieve stress.

Designed for anybody who’s busy and stressed, as well as anyone new to yoga, injured or has a ‘stiff’ body.


A balanced practice designed to coordinate breath with movement. We explore flowing, mindful movement alongside music. Designed to open the body and focus the mind.

Once again, designed to help those with a busy mind slow down and connect with their breath.


A powerful practice filled with dynamic movement, flow and strength building. Power is designed to improve balance, fitness and build strength alongside flowing and fun movement.

Designed for those looking for a challenge, alongside a balanced calming practice.

Zen Den Timetable


We’re less than 2 weeks out from opening and we’re pumped to connect with you in studio!

In the mean time, we’re organising our  Zen Den Launch Event and we’d LOVE for you to come along and see what all the fuss is about. Every person who registers and attends the launch event will be in the draw to WIN a year-long Zen Den yoga membership (valued at $1,176).

RSVP to the event here

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