Challenges ahead

New challenge: A hypertrophy phase

As a trainer I love manipulating my body through different training protocols, recently I have been focused on functional training and rehab. Being lighter has made a lot of difference when it comes to my surfing.

My new challenge starts this week! I am about to undergo a Hypertrophy phase (Increasing muscle size). This phase requires consuming a lot of food! So will become especially difficult with this diet. Although I love a good challenge!

I am really excited to see how this training phase goes. Because as I stated in an earlier post I have been dealing with a few niggly injuries (SIJ Lower back, Knee and shoulder) for a while now. As I continue this diet I have noticed a considerable improvement in these niggles. I put this down to my body not being in a state of stress and being inflamed all the time. With the improved joint health I am now able to undergo a hypotrophy cycle free of injury.

I am aiming complete a quick 4 week hypertrophy cycle as I am not interested in gaining too much muscle as I still want to remain as functional as possible for surfing and snowboarding. I am also going to maintain a clean diet while building. Majority of people complete this phase eating anything and everything my goal is to source my diet from healthy foods.

Stay tuned for progress.


Road tripping and learning the hard way!

Preparation is key!! Something I learnt the hard way. With all my Surf/MTB trips I was bound to slip up and be unprepared once or twice. Sure enough end of my 5th week I really suffered! I blame daylight savings…..

Finishing work at 2 we Left for the East Coast, chasing surf. I was already desperate for food but as we drove through a small town I could not find anything with substance that would hit the spot. Due to time limit of the sun I decided fruit would suffice for time being. Which it did just!

The drive home was where the real pain started as I realised every place we stopped at would not fit within my new diet. It even resorted to me asking McDonalds for any gluten free option (Something I hate). Still no luck! (Probably a good thing) while my friends say “just do it this one time, it won’t hurt”. My competitive side shone through and I stayed strong, it was tough because all I could think about was food. It only got harder once my friends stunk out the car with their McDonalds just making me that much hungrier.

I starved till I reached home, managing to stay within my diet. I know what you are thinking first world problems….

Willpower is everything! if I start making excuses it creates the snowball effect. Then everything becomes an excuse to break the diet.

In the end it was all worth it even though it was tough there is no such thing as a bad surf, especially when it is glassy and you have it to yourselves =)

Aloe & Probiotics

Week 2-3: Energy drop

Week 2-3 have been a challenge, not sure if it is due to the diet or because of how busy I have been. Regardless I have lost the energy spike I saw last week. On top of this I have become bored with the food selection and feel as so everything is just sugary.

As most know I am not one to focus on negatives. “Within every negative situation there is always a positive” Now that we have got all the negatives out of the way let’s focus on the positives =) My body composition has improved along with being able to sustain energy levels for longer periods, I have especially noticed while surfing, I last longer with a bigger wave count along with a quicker recovery.

Nearing the end of my third week I finally got around to getting a probiotic (Dairy-free) and Aloe Vera juice. I view this intervention as my turning point. My energy returned and began felling on top of the world once again. I was bouncing around with so much energy. It was the most amazing feeling! I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not but this intervention made all the difference.

What are Probiotics and Aloe Vera Juice:

Probiotic: Are live microorganisms that provide friendly bacteria which help your gut flora preform optimally. You can get probiotics from supplements, as well as foods that are prepared by bacterial fermentation. Probiotic foods include yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, tempeh, kimchi and others.

Aloe Vera Juice: Active aloe Vera leaves are reported to contain over 200 enzymes and amino acids. It improves gastrointestinal function which help give a greater feeling of health and well-being, as well as increased energy and balanced weight management. Due to the natural detoxifying abilities it supports digestive tract through increased protein absorption which improves bowel regularity.

One week down

Day 7: One week down!

Wow One week down already! Feeling awesome! However the diet is still a struggle. This week was tough as I am still learning what I can and not have.
Across the week I have run into trouble a few times essepcially when I was out or at work where I was unprepared food wise but I did not cave! I stayed strong and stayed until I got home (Was not fun!) especially when I got offered some of my old favourites. I know starving is not good either, it is something I tell my clients to never do! Because it heightens cravings and predominantly results in over eating binge meal plus plays havoc with your hormones. In this case I didnt want to start making excuses and alow them to get the best of me.

Eating out has been tough because you don’t see what goes into each meal. This always leads into the question what is in it? However I don’t want to be “That Guy” everytime I go out for a meal there is nothing more annoying. Luckily that most cafes and restaurants now offer allergy free options. Cafe Inc in Rototuna is esspecially good for people with intolerances and alergies as they cleaarly lable all there food, making the selcetion process that much easier. You will find me down there most days getting my coffee fix.


Day 6: New Lease on Life!

Already starting to see the benefits of this diet! Improvements in my body composition but more importantly I now have so much more energy!! It is unbelievable, with all this new energy I have become a lot more productive and completing tasks that I usually dread and ultimately end up putting off. If this is only week one, I cannot wait to see what I can achieve in a few months!!