Are You Stressed & Busy?
By Laura Hett
If we asked this question to a room full of people, we have a sneaky suspicion that all hands would go up.

Modern day life is stressful, busy and full of (sometimes unreasonable) expectations. One of the things you learn about us at Taylored Health is how we help our members play the long game. At the beginning of their health journey, we invite our members to take a big deep breath and set realistic expectations/boundaries for themselves. 

We’re conditioned to say yes to everything and everyone, but sometimes the best thing for us is to say no. That’s easier said than done! We totally understand, we’ve been there. 

What’s actually happening in the body when we’re stressed?

Our nervous system is constantly perceiving what’s going on in our environment and trying to work out whether we are ‘safe’ or not. This is controlled completely automatically, meaning it’s something we’re not consciously thinking about.

In this modern day, there are stressors like deadlines, screaming kids, traffic and unstable blood sugar that the body perceives is ‘putting us in danger’. There are two arms of the unconscious nervous system; 1) fight or flight and 2) rest and digest. When our body perceives danger, this means we move into ‘fight or flight’. The body’s physiological response to this is an increase in heart rate, increase in breathing rate, shunting of blood to our extremities, and slowing down gut motility. For optimal health, we want to be spending most of our time in ‘rest and digest’ and the least amount of time in ‘fight or flight’.

Is stress always bad?

Stress and (extreme) busyness are not necessarily bad for you in small amounts. Long term, chronic stress is incredibly draining on your body, which may cause health issues and feelings of anxiety in the long term. 

Anxiety is a word that can describe so many different signs and symptoms but include some or all of the following;

  • Overthinking or ruminating on things
  • Nervousness
  • Sense of uneasiness, distress or dread (about an upcoming event or just in general!)

A certain level of anxiety is normal. That’s totally ok! But it shouldn’t adversely affect your life (or your physiology).

Breathing and mindfulness are the best ways to switch the body back into rest and digest.

We’re opening the Taylored Zen Den as a space to switch off and find calm. The best way to reset the body and move away from stress and anxiety is to breathe deeply and become more mindful. Check out our last blog post on the benefits of starting a yoga practice. This discusses just one of the practices we’re incorporating into the Zen Den.

Breath and mindfulness are key parts of the yoga classes, Taylored Yoga Restore, Flow and Power, that will be running at Taylored’s new Zen Den Space.


If any of those reasons speak to you, we’d love to see you at the Zen Den for our Restore, Flow or Power yoga classes. Check out the training schedule here.


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