We are a health and performance specialist service based in Hamilton, New Zealand. Our indepth, multifaceted approach is based around the key components of Mind, Body and Lifestyle. We adapt to your needs and ensure training sessions enable you to achieve your wellbeing or performance goals.


Health & Performance Specialist

The Taylored Method was designed from my own personal journey. Unable to find answers to my struggles, I established a system that is designed to uncover underlying issues that often go undiagnosed, that too often are what are holding you back from achieve your
true potential.

What drives you?

I thrive off a challenge and love connecting the dots to find the answers to clients problems and then empowering them to take action.

What do you do outside of the Studio?

Triathlon has recently become a big part of my life as I selected it to put the Taylored Method to the test, an Ironman. I choose an Ironman because to me it epitomises athletic potential of the human body while combined with the need for time management strategies
as it is such a consuming endeavor. Capturing my clients two biggest focus areas: performance and time management.

If i’m not in my lycra you will find me in some rubber surfing or in the mountains snowboarding. Chances are also high you may find me in a coffee shop doing work as well, I do love my coffee 😉

– Postgraduate Diploma In Sport & Exercise Science
– REP’s Registered
– Trigger Point Performance Foam Rolling (Level 1)
– Endorsed Stress Managment Provider (SMEAEP)
– Certified Sports Medic
– Certified First Aid


Health & Performance Specialist

Nathan is originally from the sunny Hawkes Bay and has been avid sportsperson throughout his life. After graduating with a Bachelor of Sports & Leisure, Nathan gained eight years industry experience working in a variety of gyms ranging from small, independently owned gyms to large, commercialised facilities. His experiences included rehabilitation and training high-performance athletes.

While undertaking further studies in sport rehabilitation, Nathan sustained an ACL rupture and so decided to sharpen his expertise as an exercise specialist. He is now internationally certified as a Functional Movement Screen Practitioner and has adopted a movement-focused philosophy to his work. His mission is to help individuals avoid the risk of injury through accurate assessment, corrective exercise and the latest information. He aspires to enable you to fulfil your potential.

We partner with Daws Osteopathy Hamilton to provide treatment [through movement] of a variety of injuries and health issues including back and neck pain, joint pain, digestive complaints and migraines.

Rather than just treating the symptoms in a single problem area, Daws Osteteopathy approach the body as a whole unit and look for the underlying issues to identify exactly what’s causing the trouble.
This not only helps deal with pain and movement issues, it helps improve the functioning of your whole body, allowing greater recovery from long-term problems and fewer recurrences of short-term ones.


Endorsed by the Exercise Association of NZ as a Stress Management Exercise Association Endorsed Programme (SMEAEP).

REPs Registered

Both Luke and Nathan hold current registrations with the NZ Register of Exercise Professionals (REP).

Sport Rehab

We provide qualified sports rehabilitation in partnership with Daws Osteopathy.


Both Luke and Nathan are qualified Health & Performance Specialists. Nathan has a Bachelor of Sports & Leisure and Luke has a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science.


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