About Us.

We're a Passionate Bunch.

We’re also a bunch of good Humans. We’re here because we grew up being frustrated at our own (or a loved ones) health journey. Some of us were (mis)diagnosed and left to fend for ourselves. Others were high performance athletes trying to deal with chronic injuries.

Somewhere along the way, we thought “there has to be a better way“. That lead us into the world of health and life science to figure it out.  

Our Philosophy.

We’ve spent the last 10 years working to understand what the ‘right conditions’ are, forming the basis of the Taylored Four Pillar Philosophy of health. Everything we do here, looks to address health and well-being in the following order.


Getting and staying healthy is really a mental game. But we live in a world where ‘quick fixes’ are the norm. When we don’t see results or experience set-backs, we often feel like giving up.


Part of the mental game is ensuring you set yourself up for day-to-day success. By layering on key habits and building a support system, it becomes easier to make the right health decisions.


Used correctly, food can be an incredibly powerful healing tool. But it’s hard to make great nutrition decisions if you’re tired and your lifestyle choices don’t make those decisions easy.


This is where most of us start. However, without the right mindset, lifestyle, or nutrition to support new movement practices, we don’t see the results we want, find it too hard, get hurt and/or give up.

Our Specialties.

As a holistic, multi-disciplinary team, we have a variety of skillsets. Some of our specialists are experts in one area; some have skills and expertise across multiple. But, we're ultimately a team that works together to support each other and our members.

Meditation & Yoga

Through meditation and breath micro-practices, we work to create a 'gap' between trigger and response. This give your brain space to think more clearly. Our yoga small group training sessions help to entrain these micro-practices.

Life Coaching

Help better understand what success looks like to you with simple, clear and measurable goals to help you get there. We also work on habits, boundaries and behavioural elements to support growth and healing.


Our choices reflect our internal world. Unresolved emotional issues affect every day decisions. We help work through those issues, so you can make real progress. For more advanced therapy needs, we may refer you to an external Taylored Affiliate. 

Performance Coaching

Whether centered around business or athletic performance, we work with the latest science and biohacking to get the best out of your cognitive and physical health.


Using food to fuel and heal is a powerful tool for long-term health. Our standard nutrition sessions are for those who just need a little support to make healthier fuel choices, while understanding some of the way they self-sabotage. 

Clinical Nutrition

While our standard nutrition sessions provide general support and guidance, our clinical nutrition services take a more advanced research-based approach. Whether supporting performance, women's health, fertility or functional nutrition, this takes nutrition to a whole new level.

Women's Health & Fertility

Whether you're struggling with PMS, period pain, trying to conceive or menopausal, we have a health and nutrition coaches who are passionate about improving women's health and fertility.

Pregnancy & Recovery

Our specialists are qualified in prenatal and postnatal care, including nutrition, movement and massage services.

Functional Genetics

If you have ever done (or are interested in) genetic testing, we are able to translate complex genetic insights into practical, every day health action plans.

Functional Biochemistry

Using urine and stool analysis, we can work to improve cellular health, energy metabolism and gut health. Not only does this often lead to improved overall energy, but helps to combat skin conditions and stomach problems

Clinical Exercise Physiology

Clinical Exercise Physiology (CEP) is a specialty service, similar to physiotherapy but focuses on using functional movement practices to mobilise and treat physical injury and/or imbalances.


Working with the body to treat injury or post-surgical events, we improve recovery timelines and outcomes.

Massage Therapy

Our qualified musculoskeletal massage therapists use this manual practice to treat body tension, stiffness and restriction of movement. Combined with on-floor CEP, this is a powerful healing practice for improved mobility and function.

Functional Movement

Used to assess overall range of motion, imbalances and issues affecting healthy movement, and without being treated correctly, create pain or risk of on-going injury.

Strength & Conditioning

Once imbalances and mobility issues are identified and treated, we are then able to build upon strength and cardiovascular elements to create healthy movement practices for a strong, lean, pain-free body.

Our Health Hub.

Only Taylored members can access the Taylored Health Hub and all our services. Massage is the only on-going service we provide to guests.

But, when you’re in, you’re in. Full access.

Details & Location

Our 375m² Health Hub is located in the heart of Hamilton CBD, serving members across the Waikato. The facility offers a mix of movement (gym) equipment, yoga/mediation space, an educational kitchen (coming soon) and therapy rooms.

You can find us at:
83B Tristram Street
Hamilton, 3204

Perks & Benefits.

Free Off-Street Parking

We have plenty of free parking in the heart of Hamilton.

Free WiFi

So you can stream music to fuel your health practices.

Exclusive Gym with Modern Equipment

Our Movement Zone (Gym) offers semi-private use for members following their treatment plans.

Zen Den for Meditation & Yoga

Our new Zen Den has been designed to support mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga.

Fully-Provisioned Changing Rooms

We have showers, lockers, blow driers and toiletry products that actually care for your skin.

Intentional & Comfortable Spaces

Built and designed for purpose, our massage and consultation rooms create a space for calm.

Taylored Desktop & Mobile App

Our Taylored App provides an easy way to check your account, benefit credits, making and managing your specialist bookings.

Access to Exclusive Recovery Products

Depending on your membership, you can unlock exclusive recovery products during and after your session.

Our Team.

In an industry full of solo health practitioners, we’re work as a team to solve health problems. We combine our all our skills to create a truly holistic approach to our work.

Luke Taylor

Founder and Managing Director, Advanced Movement, Rehab, Performance & Nutrition Coach

Rachel Kelly

Head of Product & Human Experience (HX), Biochemistry, Toxicology, Mindset & Lifestyle Coach

Theuns van Schalkwyk

Operations Manager

Laura Hett

Marketing, Community Engagement, Nutrition, Yoga Specialist & Health Coach

Alanah Hicks

Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Massage Therapist, Movement Specialist, Pregnancy Specialist

Kirstie Lasseur

Nutrition Specialist, Women’s Health & Fertility, Health Coach

Nathan Lardelli

Functional Movement Specialist

Vicki Taylor

Life & Performance Coach

Melanie Joy

Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Massage Therapist, Movement Specialist & Small Group Trainer, Pregnancy Specialist

Abbey Sykes

Massage Therapist, Movement Specialist & Small Group Trainer, Pregnancy Specialist

Bianca Parker

Movement Specialist & Small Group Trainer

Adam Betteridge

Movement Specialist & Small Group Trainer

Chloe McDaniel

Movement Specialist & Small Group Trainer

Kingsley Comins

Calisthenics Movement Specialist

Kayla Wills

Nutrition & Yoga Specialist

Want to Join the Team?

Like what we’re putting down? If you’re passionate about holistic, science-backed health care and want to help us unlock extraordinary health & well-being for all Humans, reach out. 

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Hub Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 5:30 AM - 9:30 PM
Sat-Sun: 6:30 AM - 8:30 PM

Hub Address

83B Tristram Street, Level 2

Hamilton, 3204

New Zealand


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