3 months

Journey to a healthy gut

WOW! It is hard to believe that I have just about completed my 3 month gut cleanse! I never thought in a million years that I would be able to completely remove two of my favourite food sources, gluten and dairy, from my diet for 3months.

As I approach the end of my diet it is time to slowly re-introduce these foods again and see if my gut has healed and regained the ability to process these foods. This is a moment that I have dreaded yet have been dreaming of at the same time.
But why have I dreaded this moment? If my body is still unable to process the foods that I’ve cut out of my diet, then that will mean I’ll need to remain on this diet for the rest of my life!! Now that’s a long time!

I should admit that I do miss these foods! However I find myself no longer reliant on them. Therefore, regardless of how this reintroduction process turns out, I have decided I will limit these foods in my diet. And I must emphasis the word ‘limit’, just like any healthy lifestyle – moderation is key! Especially when it comes to limiting foods as it will only further increase the intolerance if you eliminate a food completely for a long period of time.


Time for Intensity!

After finishing my 4 week hypertrophy cycle I am feeling good I managed to successfully build muscle and managed to manipulate my weight from 88kg back up to 93kg. Now time to trim down again. This means time for a change in training and diet.

New challenge will involve eating less and increasing the intensity of my training. This will involve a number of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions along with an increase in cardio.

Stay tuned for progress.