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Welcome to Taylored

To escape living an average life or average health, we need to stop living every day like an average person. At Taylored, we’re more than your average health club and we’re certainly not a gym. We’re a science-backed, holistic health hub working to unlock extraordinary health & well-being.

Just for You

We meet you and your health exactly where you are. Just starting out? Injured? Training for a race? Our community and your Taylored health team walk alongside you, to where you want to be.

Designed for Impact

We’re not interested in ‘average’ results. Our program is designed for busy people who are serious about their long-term health & want maximum impact for minimum, but regular effort.

Grounded in Science

We’re sick and tired of fad diets, exercise myths and ‘quick’ results. Instead, we’re committed to discovering, educating and using proven advances in life science & technology to help you get ahead.

What People Are Saying

Website words are cheap, but people are talking. We’re not joking when we say “we don’t just do average”.

“Like No Other”

“In the first 3 weeks, I noticed an improvement in strength and running form. The Taylored holistic and comprehensive approach is really like no other in Hamilton. I can’t wait to see where it takes me.”


“New Perspective”

“I’m 40 in a few weeks and so grateful to Taylored for the new perspective and the beginnings of a marvelous, stronger, healthier, more peaceful version of me. Come at me 40s!”


“Cool Range of Experts”

“Cool range of experts in different fields that can help you reach your goals. Unlike a ‘gym’, consultants are a part of the membership which is pretty cool.”


“Absolutely Amazing”

“Fully recommend the baby boot camp classes. They have knowledgeable & friendly specialists who help you get a good sweat on. Absolutely amazing services.”


What we Do

Our Services.

We are a holistic health hub. Here's what we offer.

Weekly Healthcare Subscriptions

For those who want to commit to regular specialist sessions or services, we offer discounted weekly healthcare subscriptions from as low as $32/week.

Casual Healthcare & Group Training Services

If you prefer to pay-as-you-go, we offer a variety of casual services such as therapeutic massage, nutrition consultation, and small group training.

Online Health & Wellness Programs

Our popular Taylored Ten Week Health Programs can be done anywhere in the world, joining others who are also trying to create change in their lives.

Workplace Wellness Packages

We're working with great companies who want. to see their leaders and teams thrive. From 1:1 performance training to group seminars and classes, we're here to support business recovery.

Our 1:1 Specialist Services

Therapeutic Massage

Our 5-star industry-leading massage therapists are experts in manual therapy, stress relief and unloading any imbalances. Combined with personalised movement coaching, this creates a powerful healing tool for injury recovery & rehab.


Whether you’re experiencing a bubbly belly, recurrent migraines, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, acne, eczema, or auto-immune issues, our experienced nutritionists and naturopaths can help demystify the path ahead, working towards vibrant health and well-being.

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition is an advanced practice requiring additional skills and qualifications. Through an intensive assessment of health challenges we then deliver a research-driven, comprehensive nutrition plan. It is often combined with additional diagnostics and on-going coaching.

Functional Testing

We also offer advanced at-home testing services, which helps us discover underlying issues around food sensitivities, intolerances, genetic considerations and hormonal factors related to the food you eat and how well your body can use it.

Injury Rehabilitation

Working with the body to treat injury or post-surgical events, we improve recovery timelines and outcomes.

Life & Business Coaching

Help better understand what success looks like to you with simple, clear and measurable goals to help you get there. We also work on habits, boundaries and behavioural elements to support growth and healing.

Our Group Services

Strength & Fitness Training

Once imbalances and mobility issues are identified and treated, we are then able to build upon strength and cardiovascular elements to create healthy movement practices for a strong, lean, pain-free body. From $18/class.

Pregnancy & postpartum

Our specialists are qualified in prenatal and postnatal care, including nutrition, movement and massage services.

Yoga & Meditation

Through meditation and breath micro-practices, we work to create a 'gap' between trigger and response. This give your brain space to think more clearly. Our yoga small group training sessions help to entrain these micro-practices. From $18/class.

Workplace Wellness

We offer tailored workplace health packages, from wellness seminars to performance coaching. We also run small group training and online programs just for specific businesses and their team's needs.

Our Programs

Reset Program

Following our holistic Four Pillar Philosophy of health, we offer a gentle re-introduction to yourself and health practices that will help you navigate the uncertainties ahead. Not only that, but you join a community of people striving for the same thing. To reset their frazzled life and recover.

Nutrition Program

Unlearn everything you think you knew about nutrition and your relationship with it. This program winds back the dial and helps you assess the ways you self-sabotage or punish yourself through food and habits.

Give the Gift of Wellness.

Unlike many gifts that last a day or two, encouraging someone you love to take better care of themselves can result in long-term impact.
Why not give the gift of wellness as your next birthday or thank you present?

Expect More.

Energy. Strength. Mobility. Vitality.

Perhaps you’ve only just started to look for better ways of living. Maybe you’re injured, in pain and searching for help. Or, perhaps you’re an athlete hunting for an edge. At Taylored, we meet you where you are and help you go to places you may have never thought possible. While we do have a basic framework, your health journey with us will be unique.

It's an Inside Game.

Play like your life depends on it. Because it does.

But that doesn’t mean you have to play the game alone. Whether you just want a little guidance or arm yourself with a whole team of Taylored Specialists, it’s really up to you. Depending on your needs, we’ll work to combine mindset, lifestyle, nutrition and movement elements along with clinical diagnostics and advanced wearables to finally demystify the path towards long-term health and wellness.

Meditation with Muse

Your Treatment Plan.

Building Your Roadmap to Long-Term Health.

Based on the answers to your “Find My Fit” quiz, a membership recommendation will be created. It will also identify which of the Four Health Pillars need the most attention, after which we create a recommended treatment plan to support your situation and goals. Haven’t done the quiz yet?

News & Updates.

Check our our latest thoughts, updates and upcoming events at Taylored.

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